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At "Wright Books" we believe in delivering the best value to our clients which is why we use the latest technologies and cloud based systems reducing the amount of inputting time we have to spend leaving us more time to concentrate on delivering up to date management information allowing you the business owner to make informed decisions about your finances and managing your business going forward.


  • At our initial consultation we will discuss with you what you need from us and if you have a budget in mind? do you want us to do everything? or do you want to undertake some of the tasks yourself?  You may only require simple bookkeeping or you may want additional services such as VAT returns or monthly/quarterly management reporting.



  • We base all of our proposals on the amount of weekly/monthly transactions rather than turnover as this is a fairer way. We also agree what services and the frequency you require from our extensive menu, this then reflects the amount of work we need to do to keep your accounting up to date and enables us to price this in such a way as you get value for money bookkeeping.



  • We believe that by going through this process we arrive at a service schedule that is right for each business as they are all unique and have their own particular requirements. By agreeing a monthly cost, it enables you to budget throughout the year and at no stage are there any additional surprise charges, you pay the same fees every month.


  • Once agreed we produce and send youa proposal containing a service agreement schedule and a letter of engagement so that we can deal with the formalities quickly and start to help you with your bookkeeping, freeing up your time so that you can get on with what you do best “running your business”


Payments are taken by  monthly direct debit using "Go Cardless"





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